27 Dollar Home Inspection ManualHow Do I Pass a Home Inspection?

The short answer is this:

The home inspection is a visual inspection of the property’s condition at the time of the inspection.  A pass or fail concept is purely subjective and not an aspect of the process, however,

OUR SURVEYS indicate the most common things that crash an escrow are scared or unqualified buyers, and the one thing that rips right through a sellers final check and chews deep into equity profits are Unexpected Repairs.

REO property buyers are particularly vulnerable because the banks have no disclosure requirements and provide a buyer zero recourse when the foundation falls out from under the house or the roof caves in.

You don’t have to believe me.  Ask any Realtor.   They will tell you.

I hear it time and time again. Two simple words with unbelievable ramifications.


Unexpected repairs that hit the negotiation table as a result of the various inspections on a property.  Unexpected repairs that devour money, time and dreams.

And the most intrusive inspection of all?


“I wish I had your information six years ago when I sold my last house.  I had to leave $20,000 in escrow to close the deal because of the inspection findings.  I know I could have done the repairs for $3,000 or $4,000 if I had the time.  The thing that burns me is when I drive by the place, I don’t see that anything has ever been repaired.”

Julie K.
Santa Cruz

There is a simple way to avoid this grief.

With my expertise and experience you will attract calm buyers, lower or eliminate the request for repairs and get a bigger check when the sale of the home is completed or the property gets flipped.  How?

By winning the inspection game.

Before I continue, let me tell you a bit about myself.

My name is Rick Daniel.  I am a Certified Master Inspector for The Home Inspector, Inc.  For the last 14 years the inspectors of our company have conducted over 4,000 inspections.  We have seen just about every type of issue that can go wrong with a home.

When a falling concrete slab seriously injured our founder, Dave Frederick, a licensed contractor with over 30 years of experience he knew he would have to redirect his talents and find a new career.  At the suggestion of his wife, a real estate broker, he looked into the home inspection industry.


“After much research, I found the home inspection reports I reviewed were difficult to understand, incomplete, vague and often times filled with inaccurate comments. Even though I was an experienced building contractor, I often had problems understanding what the inspector was supposedly trying to report. I knew I could do better.”

Careful evaluation of those reports led Dave to develop a unique style of report that was complete, concise, and easy for the homeowner, buyers and realtors to understand.  As a result this reporting style fulfilled the needs of over seven thousand readers for over 12 years.  It is a great industry and allowed him to retire in 2008.

“So what”, you’re thinking. “With that and a buck and a quarter I can buy a cup of coffee. How is this going help me with my real estate transaction?”

I’ll tell you.

There have actually been fourteen thousand readers of our reports.

The seven thousand referred to above were the homebuyers and their realtors. These people were well-informed folks who got a thorough inspection and often ended up knowing more about the homes they were considering for purchase than the people who actually lived in them.

The other seven thousand readers were the home sellers and their realtors. These people were the ones who usually ended up paying for most of the repairs noted in our reports. The sad thing is those owners actually had the greatest potential for changing the outcome of the inspection. With a bit of knowledge and a few minutes, the homeowners, the realtors and even the brokers could have gotten bigger checks at the close of escrow.

Instead, they paid for hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs that probably could have easily been done at a fraction of the cost, or maybe even eliminated completely. Of course that’s good for the contractors and repair people who did the work but are you willing to subsidize the housing crisis?

Accurate and concise reports from my fellow inspectors and myself mean thousands of home sellers will walk away from the negotiation table with less money. Often times MUCH less.

Did I neglect to prepare the building for an inspection? No.

Did I cause the needed repairs? No.

Did I report the condition from an unbiased point of view? You better believe it.  That’s my job.

Do I have an impact on the lives of home sellers and their realtors? Absolutely.

Do I feel bad when I have to tell people about their broken house?

Yes, I do.  To this day I think about how easy it is to eliminate a huge percentage of the items listed in my reports with so little effort. No one can compromise my integrity or the integrity of my reports, but I sure do like to see the transactions close and everyone get what they want.

Even though we were not responsible for the condition of the home, Dave and I both felt that if people had just a little bit of our knowledge they could have saved so much money. That’s why we decided to put this program together. We both hope you will see the value and choose to benefit from our experience.

Here is how I am going to help you with your real estate property.

I am going to lead you into the inner core of the home inspection process. (There is no dark side of the force here, but knowing the inner workings of my profession will give you an edge.)

I am going to tell you how inspectors think and why they report the way they do. (Understanding this one aspect alone will reveal where the high costs of repairs originate, and why you are essentially forced to comply or possibly lose the deal.)

I will explain why potential buyers abandon their deposits and run for the hills when the inspections come in. (This is actually one of the few things you as a seller have the most control over, and not to control this is an absolute shame.)

With this information you will know exactly what the home inspectors are looking for and how you can erase report notes before they ever get written. That is how you win this game.

By knowing in advance what the inspector is going to report, you can eliminate issues he or she might find before they even get to your home.

I will reveal a simple but dangerous secret that I trust you will carefully consider.  How you utilize this piece of information will be up to you, but I trust your good conscious to be your guide. This piece of information is so hot, I could get in a lot of trouble just for mentioning it.

You will have the tools necessary to turn the tide in your favor and get back on the road to profitability and you will know what you have to do to not get hammered by unexpected repairs. That is why you have to win at this game.

You now have access to a very powerful resource.  If you use it, you will preserve more equity when you sell your home.

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Even though I was not responsible for the condition of the home, I did feel a strong sense that if people had just a little bit of my knowledge they could have saved so much money.

That’s why I decided to put this program together and I hope you will see the value and choose to benefit from my experience.

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