How to Use This Information

The contents of this website are an extract from the eBook titled “27 Dollar Home Inspections” which was written after hours of intensive research and over 4,100 home inspections conducted over the past 14 years.

The 27 Dollar Home Inspection eBook is provided in a downloadable Adobe PDF format, so print a copy of it.  Take it with you on this interesting journey throughout the home.  I recommend you print out one chapter at a time, read the entire section and review the photos at the end of each section before you begin your inspection.  You can write notes in the margins as you proceed.

Since our home inspection reports were written for the layman, so was the 27 Dollar Home Inspection eBook.  Any technical jargon printed in the book or on this website will be explained within parenthesis.  For example:  HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning).

Any inspection item or process considered potentially dangerous or hazardous will be clearly printed in bold red font and identified as a HAZARD.

During the course of your inspection, you can record your findings on the worksheet provided at the end of the book.  Print out a couple of copies of the worksheet before you start.  Finding 20 or 30 items is not unusual so print additional copies as needed.

After you have completed your inspection and have noted all the items to be addressed, it will be time to organize your findings from the worksheets.  Prioritize as to their importance.  Any item that you have identified as a HAZARD will have priority status when deciding what should be repaired first.

I advise you to draw upon the knowledge and expertise of your Realtor.  He or she will be able to help determine those items that are most important and cost effective for increasing the odds of a successful transaction.

Once you and your Realtor have completed this priority list the next step will be to consider who will conduct the repairs or replacement of the items you found.

VERY IMPORTANT. This material will not make anyone a general contractor or a professional home inspector.  I do not advise that you do any work related to electrical, plumbing, HVAC, roofing or structural repairs unless you are a qualified and licensed contractor in these trades.  Serious and possible fatal injury could result.

I also want to establish that the remedies provided herein are merely suggestions based on personal experience and common sense.  Remember, as a home inspector, I am not representing myself as licensed contractor.

Experience suggests that remedies for items discovered will be as simple as replacing light bulbs, tightening doorknobs and installing cover plates.

During the inspection process, some tools you will need are an awl, a flashlight, an electrical outlet tester and a thermostat.  Some of these tools are available from this website and also available at any local hardware store.

Home inspections are not rocket science.  I believe you will find this process to be highly informative and fun.  Men and women alike will be amazed at what they will learn.

Additional suggestions will be presented during the inspection process.

This website is a close copy of the written content of the eBook.  The eBook itself contains hundreds of additional photos that describe and define the written content.  A limited number of photos from the eBook are included in each post here.

Now, let’s start to use your eyes and my knowledge to inspect your home.

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